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Humanely get rid of your pests for the long term (Raccoons, Mice,Opossums, Bees, and many more), from start to finish. We offer the most efficient, cost effective and longest lasting results. At Empire Wildlife Trapping, guarantee a permanent solution* to your wildlife problems.


Do you want a permanent solution for the pests around your home or business? That's what we do. Not only do we get rid of your pests, We do it in a humane way. Where most companies will trap or kill the animal only to set the ones they trapped free down the street. Getting rid of your problem the right way is our priority. We hold integrity above all else.We have been in the business of getting rid of your pests since 2010. We back all of our business by our guarantee, getting rid of your problem for good*. The right way is the only way!

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We not only back our guarantee but we are also licensed and insured for peace of mind. 

  • Registered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

  • Insured for your safety

  • Commercial and Residential services

Giving you the most "bang for your buck", we remain very competitive and offer the highest caliber of service around!

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